Website Testing and Tracking Done For You!
Every day you’re not using MYeMetrics to test and track your website you’re losing money.

MYeMetrics is a very powerful, yet easy to use testing and tracking service that will help you to get more traffic to your website and convert more of that traffic into leads and sales so you will reach your financial goals much faster. Watch what these users have to say about the MYeMetrics service:

Showed him what he needed to focus on to make more money with his websites.

Can directly attribute more profits with using MYeMetrics.

MYeMetrics has helped to get more traffic to his website and make more sales.

MYeMetrics has solved his problem of increasing traffic!

Features Overview...
Customer Lifetime Value
Discover how much each customer is worth to you so you can improve that figure and get more easy money in your bank account.
Visitor Value
Knowing what your visitor value is will allow you to make more money when you increase it and then go out and buy traffic to your website and grow much faster.
Split Testing
You can split test any lead or sales pages to improve conversions and get more leads and sales
Lead Worth (per month)
At last you’ll be able to find out how much a lead is worth to you per month so you can buy new leads with confidence and grow your Internet business much faster.
Cost Per Lead
You’ll find out how much it’s costing your per lead so you can tell if you’re winning overall compared to your Lead Worth Value.
Percentage of Leads Converted Into Customers
You will find out what is the percentage of your leads that are converting into customers. Improve this percentage and you’ll make more money.
Website Traffic Training
You will get some of the best training you’ve seen to help you get a lot more traffic to your website for free in most cases.
Conversion Training
When you try MYeMetrics you will get some great resources to help you increase your conversions from the traffic you’re already getting.
New First Time Sales
On your dashboard you’ll be able to tell how many new customers you got today, yesterday and any day or timeframe you choose, with a couple of clicks.
New First Time Leads
Find out how many new leads your entire website has received for today, yesterday and any other day or timeframe you choose, with a couple of clicks.
Online/Offline Advertising Profit And Loss
Easily track any of your online or offline advertising and find out whether it’s profitable or not.
Unique Visitors
You will be told how many unique visitors are coming to your website on a daily basis and then you can choose any timeframe you choose, with a couple of clicks of the mouse.
Individual Page Conversion Statics
Once you have setup MYeMetrics you can quickly and easily see the conversion ratio of any page on your website.
Traffic Sources
You will be able to quickly and easily see how your visitors are finding your website and where they have come from.

MYeMetrics is giving me the crucial stats for my websites that I need to help them grow and make more money. I've been searching for something like this for a long time now and I'm glad I've finally found it because it's doing the testing and tracking I know needs to be done but I don't want to do it. This is a great service that I feel lucky to have found.

Stephen Ladd,

Who is MYeMetrics For?
Information Marketers
If you sell information products via a website then MYeMetrics will be the perfect choice for you to grow the profits much faster and keep you focused on the important metrics of your websites to keep driving profitable growth. What get’s measured done so let us provide you with the important metrics to focus on and then help you to drive profits higher.
Ecommerce Website Owners
As an E-Commerse website owner you know the importance of getting repeat customers. And with MYeMetrics you will get your lifetime customer value along with strategies to improve it so you make even more money per customer. Not to mention all the other important metrics that will be at your finger tips.
As a blogger you know it’s all about turning your hard fought visitors into money whether that’s with advertising revenue or your own products/services. Well, we tell you what your visitor value (amongst all the other important metrics) is so you can set about increasing it and with those increases you’ll see more money in your bank account for very little extra work.
Offline Business with a Website
MYeMetrics will help you to turn a website that is getting very little traffic into one that is a lead generator for your business. Don’t settle with only knowing how many unique visitors, page views, bounce rates etc. with your website. Let us help you to make your website into a great lead generation tool to grow your profits.

For a long time I knew I should to testing and tracking on my websites and I have tried many times to do it. But I gave up every time because of the time and hassle to do it and consequently lost a lot of money. So when I found MYeMetrics I signed up straight away hoping it was the solution to testing and tracking I've been looking for years and now after using it I can honestly say it is! I will use this service as long as I have websites...that's how valuable it is.

Craig Sigl,

Plus, you’ll get the following bonuses to help you increase profits from your website ASAP!

MYeMetrics was developed to make real website testing and tracking as simple and quick as possible. With that in mind, we have decided to include some bonuses to help you get things setup as soon as possible so you know the current state of your website and then help you to get more traffic and more conversions as soon as possible. So to help you do this when you join MYeMetrics on a 30 day free trial now, you’ll get instant access to the following bonus items:

Unlimited Support
If at anytime you need help in setting up MYeMetrics we’re here to help you. Just send us an email through our support desk and we’ll respond and help you very quickly.

Plus if you have any suggestions or any special requests please let us know because we’re always looking for ways to improve the service.

Unlimited Personal Websites & Data
When you try MYeMetrics right now you can track an unlimited amount of personal websites.

This feature along with having unlimited data limits will not last long so make sure you try this now to lock in this advantage now

The Ultimate Free Traffic System
.Do you want hundreds or thousands of people to send you free traffic?

As soon as you create an account with MYeMetrics you will get part 1 of a system that will teach you how to get other people to send you tons of targeted visitors to your website for free. This part has been sold for $97.

The Conversion System
One of the big keys to success on the Internet is converting as many customers into buyers as possible.

That’s why you get a full blown system to help you do this. This system has been sold for $194 and you get it for free when you join MYeMetrics right now.

The Product Creation System
The easiest way to make more money online is to simply create and sell more products to your current customers. And in this Product Creation System you're taken step-by-step through a process to get great products created quickly and easily.

This system is the best information you'll find anywhere on how to create information products that are a cut above everything else. This system has been sold for $174 but it's your free when you try MYeMetrics now.

MYeMetrics Questions

Answer: Before your free trial is due to expire we will give you the opportunity to continue to use the service for just $47 per month. You are under no obligation to subscribe to this service. And if you don’t your testing and tracking links will still work but you will not be able to see the ongoing results without subscribing.

Answer: Yes! When you join you get a simple 7 part step-by-step process to setup MYeMetrics to do your website testing and tracking for you. If you can copy and paste you’ll be able to do this yourself. Plus we will send you helpful emails to help you get setup along with tips to make your website more profitable as soon as possible.

Answer: Yes. There is an affiliate program for MYeMetrics.You can learn more about that and sign up for it at: