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Two Ways To Create A Unique Product

One of the easiest ways to create a product that is unique is to aim it at a specific demographic group and here’s a couple of simple ways to do this…

1. By Experience or Skill Level.

Focus your product based on the experience level of others.  In other words, your product is specifically for “beginners” or specifically for “advanced users”.  Your product is specifically for those who’ve achieved or not achieved a certain level of advancement.  Let me give you a few examples to help explain…

Example 1:  If you’re creating a product about “karate”, it can be specifically targeted for “3rd degree black belts”, for example.  That’s what makes you different … while others might offer resources for ALL students of karate, yours is exclusively for those who’ve reached a certain level of experience.

Example 2:  If you’re creating a product about “golf”, you could focus it specifically on those with a handicap less than 5, which is the level of skill that I’m at.  I’d be much more likely to buy something related to my skill level than a product for beginners.

Example 3:  If you’re creating a product about “parenting”, then you might position it specifically for “first-time” parents.  Or parenting boys or parenting girls, or a specific age group etc. Again, that makes you different.

So, that’s one way of distinguishing yourself by targeting specific demographic groups based on “experience and skill levels”.

Here’s the 2nd way…

2. By Distinction.

Focus on some “adjective” that describes a group of people.  Again, here are some classic examples:

Example 1:  If you’re creating a product about “fundraising”, then you could target it towards “church groups” or “school groups” or “civic groups” or any other distinctive group of people who are interested in raising funds.

Example 2:  If you’re creating a product about “selling on Ebay”, you could focus it on “baseball card collectors”, “antique dealers”, “wholesalers” or any other distinctive group of people who might sell items at the online auction giant’s website.

Example 3:  If you’re writing a product about “saving your marriage” you could focus it specifically on “wives” or “husbands” or “empty nesters” etc.

The idea is to find a distinctive group of people and target them with your product.  While most of your competition is catering to the masses, you’ve separated yourself by going after a slightly smaller demographic among the general audience.

So, that’s how you can position your product in order to make it more desirable to your potential customers and create an advantage over your competition.

To help you do this you need to answer these two questions:

1. What does my product offer that no one else does?

2. Who would my product be just perfect for?

Obviously the best option would be to position your product/service in both ways; by focusing on a specific benefit AND a specific group.

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