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Ebook Formatting Outline

ebook pdfHere is the general format you should use when creating an eBook:

1st. eBook Title page.

This typically will include the title of your product, any subtitle, your name as author and possibly your website address, contact information and any graphics you might want to include. 

2nd. Legal page.

This necessary page of your eBook would include copyright information, disclaimers, terms of usage and any extra special disclosures or instructions you might have. 

3rd. Author page.

In your eBook you should include a page about yourself for a couple of solid reasons. It allows your readers to identify with you, thus establishing a “trust” relationship plus it allows you to inform the reader of other resources you may offer such as your newsletter, web site, etc.

4th.  Special Offer page.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in creating an eBook is NOT including a “special offer” page.   You should always make certain you devote a separate page – up front after your author page – to making some kind of special offer to the reader.  Three of my favorite ways to use this “special offer” page are…

- DISCOUNT on a related offer.

I would mention a product or service or additional product, directly related to the material in the product the reader is currently viewing.  Specifically, I would offer a one-time discount for this additional purchase since they had already made a purchase.

- DEAL for a related offer.

I would mention some free incentive that I’ll give them as an extra bonus should they purchase an additional featured product or service related to the content of the eBook they are viewing.  This broadens my possibilities in that I can not only mention an offer of my own, but can also promote an affiliate program if I want to do so.

- DEADLINE for a related offer.

I would mention a product or service that has a deadline or some kind of limit imposed upon it to create a sense of urgency for the reader to buy.  Again, this additional “special offer” would be related to information contained in the eBook the reader is currently viewing.  This time, the additional offer would be available “only for the first 25 who buy” or “only for 72 hours after your original purchase date” or some other similar restriction.

5th. Table of contents.

Your eBook should have distinct chapter sections, so it needs to have a table of contents.

6th.  Solution.

Next comes the content itself.  Your eBook content must walk the reader through getting a solution to their problem.  It shouldn’t only do this but it must appear as though it will.  Here’s the reason why I said “appear”.  Sadly, most people who buy an information product never use the information.  Almost all will look at it though, and they’ll have every intention in using it  -but sadly most won’t.  So your eBook needs to look good.  You can hire out this aspect to outsourcers.  You could go to a place like and post a job to flash up a document to be a PDF.  Or you can do it yourself if you know how.  After your featured information, there is one final element to the “contents” of your eBook…

7th. Backend page.

There should always be some kind of “backend” offer at the conclusion of your eBook.  This can be something as blatant as a full-blown advertisement for a high-ticket product or something as subtle as a brief listing of your other products or affiliate products available for purchase.  If you don’t have any just find some affiliate offers you can promote.

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