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How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your New Website

domain nameIf you’re selecting a primary domain name for your new website I don’t recommend you get anything less than a domain name with a .com extension. And if you can, you should pick a domain name that describes exactly what  problem your website is going to solve.

Unfortunately you’ll most probably find the domain name you want to use is taken.  So an easy way to get around this is to put your name in the domain name.  For example, if you want to get the domain name:

You would find it’s gone.  But the chances are very good that if you put your name in the domain name somewhere you’ll be able to get it.  So you would put something like:

Now you may think that a domain name like that is hard to read.  So whenever you publicize your domain name that has more than one word you would do it like this (capitalize the first letter of each word):

But here is a word of warning with domain names.  Do not get ones with hyphens in them.

Years ago I was on the radio talking about a product and my website had hyphens in it.  Because of this I did not get much response.  So do not get a domain name with a hyphen in it.

Finally, here’s my three tips for getting a domain name:

1. It must be a .com

2. It should be related to the problem you’re solving

3. Try to make it easy to remember

Ok, with all of that being said, here is the place I recommend you secure your new domain name now:

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