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Great Headline Writing Tip

Headline Rut

Headline Rut

If you’re trying hard to come up with a great headline sometimes one of the worst things you can do is to keep trying hard to come up with a great headline. :-)

The reason I say that is because you get in a rut. So here is one of the best ways you can get out of a rut when writing headlines.

Write some outrageous headlines that make you laugh. Do about 5 – 10 of them before you go back to writing serious headlines. Here are some examples for an imaginary weight loss for mothers product.

“Mother Discovers Secret To A Super Model Body From An Alien”

“This Mother Has A KFC Secret That Helps Her To Have A Better Body After Kids”

“You Would Never Know This Mother Has Had 9 Kids….At One Time!”

“How Did This Mother Get Her Body To Look Better Than Her 17 Year Old Daughters?”

“This Mother Of 3 Has Been Stalked By Plastic Surgeons Trying To Discover Her Secret To An Amazing Body”

This headline writing tip is a great way to get some creativity back in your headline writing.

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