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How To Get Attention With Your Website

Watch this video below to find out how you can get attention for your website.  It’s critical that you know this information otherwise your website will not stand out.  So watch this video now:

Video Summary

If you don’t get attention for what you’re doing then virtually nothing else matters.

But you can’t get attention by offering exactly what everyone else is offering.

Imagine going into the weight loss marketing and your product claims to help people lose weight.  Are you going to get attention with a message like that?  Of course you’re not.

What about going into the opportunity market with a message that says I’m going to help you make money.  Is that going to get you any attention?  Of course it’s not!

In any market you go into or are in you need something very different to capture attention.  Here is a great example of this.

Imagine you’re in the fast food business and you come out with a new burger.

Is that going to capture much attention?

Of course it’s not.

New burger….big deal.

But what about if you had a new burger that didn’t have any bread buns.

Now that’s different.

That’s what KFC did with it’s double down burger.


KFC - Double Down Burger

The chicken was the bun’s.

So that’s completely different right?

Did it get attention?

Yes, in a big way.

Here in New Zealand people were talking about this bunless burger coming and being released and then on the day it was released people were lining up out the door to get this new burger.

When did you last hear of that happening for a new burger release?

Now there’s some very smart other elements to this marketing.

1st. Here in New Zealand it had a launch date and there were stories on the news about it coming here.

2nd. It was only available for a limited time…so you’d better get in quick otherwise you’ll miss out.

3rd. It was not trying to be a healthy burger.

It was a bunless burger that had bacon and cheese and who knows what else in it.

So it not only went against convention by having the chicken as the buns it was not trying to be healthy.

You’ll notice every other fast food operation is trying to come up with healthy alternatives and KFC comes out with the Double down burger.

So here’s the big take away for your Internet business. :-)

If you want to get attention then come up with something that is totally the opposite to the accepted norm.

Here’s some examples of this.

If the accepted is that you eat 3 meals a day you come out with a weight loss product that advocates you eating 6 meals a day you’ll get attention.

If everyone says you should eat very little protein and fats you come out with a weight loss product were you tell peopled to basically eat all protein and fats and you’ll get attention.

You would probably recognize products that have used those types of elements in their weight loss marketing.  And I’ve picked on the weight loss market for good reason.  Because it’s probably one of the biggest, most competitive markets there is to make money in.

And everyone knows to lose weight you simply have to eat less and exercise more.

But is a message like that going to get you attention?

Of course it’s not.

But do you think there’s going to be some people producing products and systems in the weight loss market that will be huge sellers this year?

Of course they are.


Because they’ll have some different message to them.

So take a look at what you’re doing currently and if you want to get some big attention then brainstorm way’s that you can angle your marketing message in a completely contrary way to the accepted norm.

Do that and you’ll get attention and more sales.

Now here’s a bill board I saw that made a joke about this KFC double down burger.   Enjoy that and have a great rest of the day.

Double Down Billboard

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