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Nick Bayley

Nick Bayley - CEO and Founder MYeMetrics

My name is Nick Bayley and I have managed and run full-time Internet businesses since 2002 supporting my wife and 3 children, while living in beautiful New Zealand.

In 2010 I setup a new company with the sole goal of improving on the successes I have had in the past 11 years (I started my first company in 1999). But one of my biggest weaknesses was testing and tracking. As a small business owner that focused on the Internet I knew the importance of testing and tracking and I tried to do it MANY times. But I quit many times because it was too hard, time consuming and boring and I hated doing it.

But for my new company to succeed much more than the online businesses I have ever had before I knew I needed to focus a lot more on testing and tracking, so I could take calculated risks and reinvest back into growing my new business. Plus I knew that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. But I knew that without a shadow of a doubt I didn’t want to do the testing and tracking because I hated it. So the logical next step was to outsource it.

Outsourcing testing and tracking quickly turned into a nightmare. It was such a headache trying to teach someone where they had to go to collect the data, making a spreadsheet with formula’s and documenting the process that the outsourcer had to go through consistently, every week to get me the crucial numbers I needed for my websites.

I knew what I wanted and that was for me to just be given reports once a week on the crucial numbers on my website/s so I could focus on improving them, but outsourcing didn’t get me that result.

So I was trying to figure out a solution to this when one day quite by accident as I was listening to a totally unrelated audio, I had an “ah-ha” moment where it suddenly occurred to me that computers were designed to do mundane, repetitive tasks for us.

Personally I would say testing and tracking is a very mundane, repetitive task!

In that moment it hit me like a ton of bricks that I could get a computer to do my testing and tracking for me.

Sure I have tried and used a ton of testing and tracking software, some free and some paid, but they didn’t give me the crucial data I wanted for my websites. I wanted to be given numbers like:

==> Customer lifetime value

==> Visitor value

==> Subscriber monthly value, etc.

Nothing I tried gave me that crucial information. It seemed like all the testing and tracking solutions I tried from companies were either in it just for the money or they wanted my data for ulterior motives.

So I contacted my programmer in September 2010 to start on a new project of creating a software solution for me, just to handle my website/s testing and tracking.

Normally I plan out every project I do to the ninth degree but this was different. We started out with just a domain name and went from there. And I choose because it explains exactly what it started out to be. It was a service just for myself to manage my websites so that I knew exactly the state of the health (in terms of return on investment) for my websites. MYeMetrics™ has grown organically simply by adding more and more things as we went along.

During this time of development of MYeMetrics™ I mentioned to a few people what I was doing and people kept pestering me to let them try it.  The feedback has been very good so far from those who have tired it and so I have now opened it up to all website owners so they too can get their website testing and tracking done for them – and all in one place.

Logging into MYeMetrics is the first thing I do to start the day because it shows me quickly and easily how my websites are performing. And what gets measured gets done. Plus, it’s such a thrill to get my reports on Monday morning, look over them with a cup of coffee and come up with my crazy systems to try and improve my numbers.

Who knew I’d ever become such a numbers geek. :-)

So that’s MY story on how MYeMetrics™ came about. This story will continue to evolve as this is a project  like nothing I have ever embarked on before and it was never in my business plan. But it’s fun to see this testing and tracking service continually improve to cater for the new customers using it.



Nick Bayley
Founder and CEO