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What To Include In Your New Product

If you’ve picked a market and you have an idea for a new product you then need to come up with some good ideas on what to include in your new product.  The easiest way that I’ve discovered for doing this is to simply…

Write a list of everything you want to share in your new product.

That’s right, just write down everything you want to share in your product.  I mean just start rambling on paper (or your computer).  Everything you can think of that relates to the subject of your product.  Just a list of “ideas” you want to share.

Don’t worry about relevance or whether or not you’ll even use all of these ideas.  Just get them down.

Jot down as many of these as you can…

  • Ideas
  • Notes
  • Lists
  • Questions
  • Reminders
  • Personal reflections
  • Thoughts
  • Things-To-Do
  • Checklists
  • Details
  • Steps
  • Facts
  • Reasons
  • Comparisons
  • Contrasts
  • Statistics
  • Quotes
  • Illustrations / Stories

Don’t worry about whether or not your ideas make sense.  Don’t worry about how well your ideas are written.  Don’t worry if your ideas fit with anything else.  Just write down everything you can possibly think of concerning the topic of your product that you think you might like to include.

By doing this it will get your new product off to a great start.  And it’s starting that many people seem to have the hardest time with when it comes to creating a new product.

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