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Outrageous Split Testing

Split Testing

Outrageous Split Testing

Split testing your lead and sales pages can make you a lot more money from your website.  But when you do this you should try something outrageous with your new “b” sales or lead page and here’s why.

People often hear the stories about split testing where a person changed one word in a headline and had a huge increase in response.

But trust me, that is the exception rather than the norm when it comes to split testing!

So if you want fast results with split testing you should create, or have a page created that has a lot of different elements on it to the one you have now.

For example, if you have a long form sales copy website try split testing a page that has a sales video only and an order button.

Now here’s another radical split testing approach….

If you have a long form sales copy piece try splitting that up into pages.  That can be a good thing to do because if you track each page properly then you’ll be able to tell where a large amount of people are dropping off the track towards the sale.  For example if you split your sales page up into 5 separate pages and a huge amount of people ditch the letter on page number 3 you’ll know where a big problem in your sales process is happening.

If you’ve tried split testing in the past and found it not to be effective it’s probably because your new test page was very similar to your original.  So do as I suggest and create a new page that is quite radicially different from your control page and you’ll see a distinct winner much more quickly.

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