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Outsourcing With Susan Hill

Susan Hill

Susan Hill

I have just completed an interview with Susan Hill who is the queen of outsourcing.   Susan has built many successful Internet based businesses without any technical knowledge.  So I wanted to interview her and find out exactly how she did that.

Below is the interview for your listening pleasure and here are some things you’ll learn when you listen to it:

  • How to get the knowledge to outsource correctly.
  • What to say in a job description to get the persons best work first time.
  • What you should outsource.
  • How to hire a great copywriter for peanuts.
  • How to get the best results from outsourcing.
  • The websites Susan uses for outsourcing.
  • The best country to find programmers.
  • How to pick the best outsources.

Here is Susan’s website on outsourcing:


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