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How Much To Price An Ebook

Price Ebook

How Much To Price An Ebook

When you go to price an eBook you have created the content is the most important factor in determining the price you can charge.

And you can pretty much answer “how much should I charge for my new ebook” by answering “how much is it worth?

Think about it:  how much would YOU pay for a product the only consists of 7 pages.  Well that depends, of course, on this individual product/service.  If it’s 7 pages of “how to park a car”, then chances are you wouldn’t pay much for that (if anything at all).  On the other hand, if the 7 pages contained a list of the next weeks winning lottery numbers then the information would be worth an awful lot! :-)

The point is this, how much you charge for your product/service is going to depend upon how good it is, how big it is and whether it can deliver the goods in terms of fixing a big problem.

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