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How To Find Your Product Uniqueness For Your Sales Letter

When you’re selling your products or services you need to focus on specific benefits that make your product or service special and unique.  To help you determine this here are 20 questions you can answer about your product or service to come up with the unique selling points that set it apart…

1. Is it the only product or service available on the topic?

2. Does your product or service have more ideas than any other product or service?

3. Have you broken things down into the easiest-to-follow steps?

4. Does it include something that’s missing from others?

5. Is it written in a more “user-friendly” language?

6. Does it include significantly helpful screenshots?

7. Do you reveal some little known fact or secret strategy?

8. Have you produced some staggering results?

9. Is it a completely different approach to the subject?

10. Does it contain the latest information or updated ideas?

11. Does it disclose something that’s “top secret” to most people?

12. Is it the most complete product available on the topic?

13. Does it explain things in greater detail?

14. Is it full of ways to apply existing information?

15. Does it have brainstorming exercises?

16. Does it include things like forms and worksheets?

17. Is it specifically for “advanced users”?

18. Does it expand upon an existing concept?

19. Does it offer an easier or faster way to accomplish a task?

20. Does it offer a different solution to a common problem?

I’ve just given you 20 different ways that your product or service can be “positioned” in a unique way.  Surely there is something among the 20 questions that I’ve just asked to which you can respond with an emphatic “yes”!

I need you to understand that, you’ve got something in your product that no one else has, and that’s what you need to determine.   But if you don’t have that then you need to come up with something and add it to your product or service.

This uniquness is the driving force for your product and sales letter.  It’s all inter-linked.

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