The Key To Get People To Send You Free Traffic

Do you want people to send you free traffic?

Well, as long as  you’ve got an affiliate program for your product or service then the higher you can get your lead in product converting the more traffic people will send you.  So you need to actively set about a program to improve the conversion rate of your main sales page.

The best way of doing this is to setup an A/B test where you try to beat your control page results.

If you’re not familiar with what an A/B test is, let me quickly explain it.  An A/B test simply means you have one completely different page that is displayed randomonly with the other page. Now here’s a big thing a lot of people do not know about A/B testing.

You can only think of so many different things to test and those things are probably going to be very similar to whatever it was that you did originally. But to get the fastest results with A/B testing the best way is to have a test that is radically different to what is there at the moment.  And you are not the best person to do that.

So here’s a fantastic way to get a test that is going to be completely different and hopefully get a lot better results than what you’re getting currently.

Go and find a copywriter either on a freelance site like or and ask them to write a new sales letter for you to test.  Tell them you’re not happy with the conversion rate on your current letter and you want them to try a completely new approach that they think will work better.

By doing this you’ll hopefully get a radically different sales letter than the one you originally have.  You then need to test the two sales letter to try and find the winner.

To do this you can use a free solution like the Google Website Optimizer tool or you could try my own testing and tracking tool here – Either way you should invest a lot of time, effort and money into trying to get your conversion rates as high as possible because it will pay off hugely for you.