6 Simple Steps To Find New Affiliates

If someone is doing a lot of work online they obviously want to make money as a result and an easy way for them to make money is with an affiliate program.  So it’s up to you to find those people that are doing a lot of work and let me know about your affiliate program.  One of the easiest ways to do this is with article directories.

You see, if a person is writing articles consistently in your market then you need to approach them with your affiliate product.  Do this by simply going to popular article directories like:

httAffiliate Finderp://ezinearticles.com/





Then follow these 6 simle steps to get new affilaites….

1. Visit the site and click on a category related to your product.(Or, you can search for a “keyword”.)

2. Identify articles that are related to your product.

3. Cick on one of these articles.

4. Click through to the URL listed in the resource box of the author.

5. Find the author’s contact email.

6. Make contact with your affiliate offer.

You’ll find that ezine article writers can be great affiliates because usually they are marketers. That’s the primary reason why people write and distribute ezine articles.

Important Note: Remember you can outsource jobs like this!

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