How To Brainstorm Things To Put In A Product

Here’s a great, fast way to brainstorm ideas on what to put in a new product.

To do this exercise simply start with the letter “A” in the alphabet, literally begin thinking of events, places, people, items, verbs, ideas, etc. that begin with that letter and are related to the topic of your new product.  Once you’ve done that for the letter A then do the same thing for the letter B.  You then simply need to keep doing that for every letter of the alphabet.

FOR EXAMPLE:  If you are writing a product related to getting a website up and running you might have….

A = Auto-responder, adwords, etc.

B = Business directories (online and offline),buzz marketing, etc.

C = Credit Cards, credibility, etc.

D = Directories (server), downloads, etc.

E = Email, eLance, etc.

F = FTP, folders, etc.

So do that brainstorming exercise and you’ll have loads of ideas on what to put in your new product.

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