The Internet Marketing Success Formula

Internet Marketing SuccessHere is my Internet Marketing Success Formula…

Market + Solution + Website + Targeted Traffic + Conversion =

Lots Of Money

Let’s look at each of these aspects in more depth.

1. Market: Before you do anything else you must carefully select the right market to go into. Ironically this has nothing to do with whether a market is saturated or anything of that nature. It more has to do with whether the market you want to go into suits you and has the characteristics of helping you to be a success.

2. Solution: To have a successful Internet marketing business you need one main product that offers a real solution to a common problem in your market. You don’t need to complicate this and try to come up with a radical product.

3. Website: You need your own website and that website must have a sales page on it and be setup to take the order for your solution.

4. Targeted Traffic: You can have the best product in the world on a great looking website, but if you don’t have any traffic to your website then it’s all meaningless.

5. Conversion: You need to have a plan and schedule of trying to improve the conversion rate of your website. Plus you need to know what things to test and how to do it so you make the most money possible from your website, and you need to keep adding new revenue streams to your Internet business.

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