Interview With Internet Marketing Legend Terry Dean

The reason I conducted this interview with Internet marketing legend Terry Dean was to find out the main differences between those who make it online and those who don’t.

To do this I wanted to focus on what successful offline business owners do differently when they come online, because Terry has said…

Terry Dean

Terry Dean

“If I coach a person that has had a successful business offline then I can almost guarantee they’ll have a successful business online.”

So click the play button below to listen to this interview to see what are the major differences between those who make it online and those who don’t:

 Interview Summary

Here is a summary of the main, crucial points of this interview.

The Biggest Reason People Won’t Succeed Online

One of the biggest reasons a person won’t succeed online is because of the wrong expectations. Most people looking to make money online want to make $10,000 by next weekend. The successful offline business owner understands that it takes time to build a real Internet business.

Terry hates business opportunities because they give people the wrong expectations and set them up for failure.

People give us money because of the value we put in their lives. We need to create products and systems that help people to reach their goals and solve their problems and do it by using leverage and team members.

An offline business owner knows that online success is about building systems that deliver the value, NOT about business opportunities.

A person who has never owned a business before thinks that if they work 40 hours per week then they should be paid for those 40 hours. They have an employee mentality.

The Internet doesn’t work like that at all. It doesn’t matter how much you work, it is all about how much value you provide to people.

You can give a successful business owner a plan to succeed online and they’ll follow it. Whereas a person who has never owned a business will have a plan and then they’ll see the latest product launch and ask Terry if they should get the product.

The successful offline business owner understands that you have a plan and you work the plan. You don’t get distracted from it. They know how to focus on the plan and keep working it from personal experience.

The Plan Terry Would Give A Successful Offline Business Owner Wanting To Come Online

Here’s the plan that Terry would give a successful business owner if they want to come online.

1. See what they’ve done in the past and succeeded with.
2. Put together a product for the market or area they have succeeded with in the past. This will be a particular subject rather than an encyclopedia type of product.
3. Build two websites. One to focus on selling the product. The second one is a blog to get traffic and leads.
4. Then start contacting potential JV partners with their product.

How To Stop Information Overload

You need a proven plan to follow and in this plan you need to know how you are going to generate traffic. People get so overwhelmed by this because there’s so many possible ways to do it.
What Terry has found is that the successful people online become specialists with specific types of traffic, e.g. PPC, SEO, JV’s/Affiliates etc. The really successful people online have one or two core ways that they generate huge amounts of traffic.


Offline business owners understand very quickly that they need to outsource to get things done, like getting a website designed.

Whereas a lot of other people coming online think they need to do it all themselves, e.g. setup a website, do the customer service etc., etc and that becomes very overwhelming fast.

Very few offline business owners do it all themselves so they are used to outsourcing and hiring people, and they bring that same mentality online.

But it’s not about how much money you have, it’s about the mental characteristics. However, having money is an advantage because you’re not going to be desperate ato make income by this weekend.

But with Terry’s plan it doesn’t cost you a lot because you’re going after JV partners, first and that’s a time investment rather than a money one.

So it’s not about how much money you have to start, with but rather it’s about your mentality.

Confidence In The System

VERY IMPORTANT: An offline business owner has much more confidence that they can get the system, to work. That confidence comes back to the system which is…

• They make a plan
• They start following the plan
• They confidently keep carrying on with the plan even if they don’t see the results right away

Whereas someone who has never had that experience before and they don’t get results the first weekend, they’ll immediately jump ship after the first weekend and try something else.

But the way to have confidence and go after JV traffic from the beginning is to use a proven sales formula that Terry calls the 3 p’s, which are:

  • Problem
  • Promise
  • Proof

The product itself must solve a major problem that people are already spending money on. And it needs to give some type of unique promise to show that it’s different from the other things in the market. Finally, it needs to have some proof to back up that promise.

If you can do that then you can have a pretty good converting product right out of the gate. After setting that up you can then go to potential partners and say…

“People are having this problem and we have this unique promise, which is this, and here’s our proof to back it up.”

Terry doesn’t advise going after the biggest partners in the very beginning but rather start off with smaller partners and test.

What If You Only Make 1 – 2 Sales In The First Week?

Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

The glass is either half full or half empty.

If an opportunity seeker gets 1-2 sales in the first week they will say something like “I did all of this work and only got two sales!”  Whereas the offline business owners will say “It’s only our first week and we’ve already made two sales!”

The offline business owner will, from past experience, know that it takes 1-2 years to make money in a business offline, and then after a week online they’ll say…. “we have just made money in the first week!”

It’s a different mentality.

Most offline businesses do not generate a net profit in the first year. That’s a fact of offline business.

So when an offline business owner sees a small amount of profits come in quickly, that’s better than starting an offline business.

“It’s not about business opportunity, but building real businesses”
Terry Dean

Most people do not want to hear that it’s about building a real business.  Most people want the push button system where you push a button and money comes out. But those don’t exist.

People don’t want a business….all they want is the income. They want the success without the work.

The Fundamentals For A Successful Internet Business

You need a business plan written down that includes…

1. A consistent way to generate traffic
2. A consistent way to turn that traffic into sales

The most important out of these two is conversion, because if you have a high enough conversion then people will end up promoting it so you won’t have to worry about traffic.


You need to focus on turning the visitors into customers and then look at building relationship with those customers so you can then sell them more to build up the customer lifetime value.

In general if you have a $50 – $100 product you can send them to a sales letter type of page. But if the product is over $100 then you should send them to a name squeeze page and then try to make the sale after getting the email address.

If you’re not strong on conversion that’s where you have to get a copywriter to help you. And that’s not going to be cheap. You’re generally talking about $2000 or more for a decent copywriter. That’s not even the best. If you’re looking at the best then you’re looking at $10,000 or more.

It costs a lot to have someone help you with conversion, but it’s worth it.

What To Do If You Have No Sales Skills

If you have no sales skills and no money the best thing you can do is start up your own website and sell other people’s stuff. When you do that you’ll learn how to sell and eventually you can create your own products and sell them to your own email list.

Why Do People Fail Online Even With A Good Product

Some of the mental reasons people fail online are (apart from the wrong expectations)….

They don’t get the right offer right out of the gate…the exact right direction from the very beginning, which is why you should test.  A beginner doesn’t seem to get that. They think that if you know what you’re doing you should always succeed.

Even Terry can’t get it right first time, and so here’s the important things with conversion that you need to focus on:

1. The audience – what it is they want to buy.
2. The offer – whether it stands out to them and whether it’s something they want.
3. The Ad Copy – the words you use to sell it.

The importance is in that order with the audience being the most important.

If you don’t target the audience correctly then the offer is not going to work. Then if you don’t target the offer correctly, it’s not going to work.

People who fail online don’t see that maybe they need to change who they are targeting. That they need to overcome the hurdle of finding the right people.

Before you start you need to do your research. You need to look at the main competitors. Print out their websites.

Look for PPC advertisers, because they are spending money and you then want to see how they convert it into sales.

Look at Look on twitter using tweetdeck. Look on Youtube.

Look to see what people are doing, saying and buying (i.e. on amazon).

People don’t accomplish their goals often because they don’t do their research enough.

Why Do Research?

• To create something that is unique to the competition, and
• To create something that customers are used to buying

A big failure when it comes to a market is selling what people need, not what people want to buy.

It doesn’t matter what you think people need, it only matters what they think they need and what they want to buy.


You should never be afraid of competition. You should be afraid if there isn’t any competition. If there’s a market with no or very little  competition, then that probably means that people have found that you can’t make money in that market.

If you’re waiting to get in the Internet marketing game by finding a market with no competition your chances of doing that are slim to none nowadays.

You don’t want to be a pioneer, but instead you want to have innovation that builds on what is already out there. You should be trying to find things that are already working and try to make them better.

How To Go From The 80 – 100 k Bracket Per Year To The 1 Million Dollar Bracket

To build a million dollar Internet business you need leverage!

The team members you have in place and how well you have systems setup in your business determine how much money you make.

The 100 k person can get away with outsourcing a few things in their business. The person that goes to a million dollars a year has to learn to outsource much, much more. They can’t do the support, they have to have team members that do SEO. They outsource PPC etc.

They all have a “right hand” person that does a lot of the grunt work. The business owner is the creative person behind the sales, the product etc. and the right hand person organises it all.

The big reasons people don’t do this is 2 fold:

1. There’s the monthly expense of the person who they hire.
2. They’re giving up some control of their business.

This is what stops people from growing. If they want to go above the 100 k mark the business owner must have a full time employee or a virtual assistant that’s almost full time if they want to grow.

The Secret To Fast Results

The secret why people get fast results is they implement things very quickly. They take action quickly. They became a specialist at one way to convert people into traffic and one way to drive traffic.

They test to find the best ways to get traffic and make it convert.

In this Internet marketing field we often talk about testing, but very few people actually do it.

The main reason comes down to the speed of implementation. Most people take a long time to run a test, whereas the super successful people implement tests very quickly.

The people who make a massive jump have someone that can change their website quickly. If you’re waiting on an outside website designer to make a small change on your website then you might be waiting two weeks to get it done.

To make fast progress you do not need to become a great web designer, but when starting out you should have some basic knowledge of how to make small changes to your website so you can run tests.

You need the ability to copy and paste tracking code and be able to change pictures on your website and what the headline says, etc.

You need a basic understanding of basic website design if you don’t have someone that can do it for you quickly.

A simple way to be able to edit a website is to setup a wordpress blog and get a theme like this.

Terry’s Biggest Internet Marketing Lessons – Since 1996!

Only huge companies with massive advertising budgets can try to change people’s desires. We as small direct response businesses cannot afford to change people’s desires. We don’t have the budget to try to do that.

All we can do is tap into the desires that people already have.

To make it big online the reality is that you must become good at selling.

Terry Dean is a great Internet marketing coach and to find out more about Terry go here:

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The Key To Long Term Internet Marketing Success

Old Home Office

Way back in 2001 when I was working in a crummy old garage I hated it. So I set a goal of saving up enough money to buy our 1st home and I went on to make so much that we bought a 2 acre lifestyle property.


View From New Home Office 6 Months Later

It took me 6 months to make the money to do that, but once I did it I didn’t have any future goals. But because of all the hard work I had done I had lots of money coming in automatically without me hardly having to do any work.

So I had the dream but there was one problem.

I wasn’t motivated or really happy!

You see, I had nothing to live for. I had no future goals, no future aspirations. I was semi-retired before the age of 30.

To help fix this problem I thought it would be good to set some more goals. So I set a goal to go on a great holiday with the family overseas. I did that and I still wasn’t happy. Then I thought buying some toys will help, so I bought some classic cars, quad bikes, collectable items etc., etc.

None of it worked.

You see, I wasn’t contributing to anyone. I was getting everything provided without doing any work.

I would wake up every day without a vision for how I wanted to live each day and I wondered what in the world I should do.

You see, to get our 1st home it was all about the money. But money never buys happiness. Granted it does make life easier in some respects, but you can’t buy happiness — you can always get more stuff and make more money, but you only have one life!

So I want to make sure that you don’t fall into the same trap I did, and this exercise I’m going to get you to do is the solution.

Ok, so as I’ve said, more money doesn’t buy happiness. Your life is made up of one day at a time, so that’s what you need to focus on — not stuff or things.

You need to decide where you will be working, who you will be with etc., etc.

Plus, you need to then expand this out to determine how many days per week you want to work.

For myself personally, I like working. I enjoy it.

So my average week from doing this exercise is about 30 hours of work and that’s broken up to work 5 days a week. There’s always periods where you have to work very hard if you’re getting a new project up and running, and there’s times when you can take a day off without asking anyone. But I’m talking about averages. You need to know how your average work week in your Internet business is going to look when you have “made it”. Then you need to know what you will be doing in your time off, you need to know where you will be spending your holidays etc.

So here are the steps you need to follow to do this critical exercise, and I suggest you do it right now.

1st. Your Dream Working Day

Most people start work on a Monday so I want you to imagine it’s a Monday, and I want you to answer the questions that follow…

Important Note: You should just be putting down ideas. Don’t worry about a right or wrong answer. None of this is set in stone. Just put down some thoughts and go from there.

  • Where are you living (e.g. the address and geographical location)?:
  • What does your house look like – describe it in as much detail as you like.
  • Write down what time you would wake up, how you would wake up, how you would feel, what you would be thinking as you wake up etc.
  • Describe what you would do as soon as you wake up.
  • Describe everything you will do in the morning before you start work. Get into all the mundane stuff like getting the kids off to the school, having a shower, eating breakfast, exercise etc.,etc.
  • Describe where you are working and what time you start work. Outline what you will be doing for work. Also describe the purpose of what you’re doing for work, the reason you’re doing it (not monitory). Describe your customers and what they are like etc.
  • Lunch time. :-) Write down what you’re having for lunch, where you are having lunch, with whom and for how long etc.
  • If you go back to work after lunch then write down what you’re going to do and for how long. If you’re not going to go back to work describe what you’re going to do instead.
  • After you’ve finished work for the day describe the rest of your evening.
  • What will you be having for dinner, with whom and where etc. Then what will you be doing after dinner until you shut your eyes and go to sleep. And what will you be thinking as you go to sleep etc.

Ok, so if you’ve completed that little exercise, well done. Now you need to put all of that together into one story that outlines your dream ideal, typical day.

When you do this dream document please understand that this document is a fluid, living document that you should be changing. It is not a goal setting document. It is how you want your “normal” life to be and that will change as you get more information.

So type out for your dream Monday. Then do the same for the rest of the week. If you expect your Tuesday to be pretty much the same then just put in the words: Same As Monday — under the Tuesday heading.

But in your average working week you may want to spend an afternoon here and there doing something fun like going for a hike, or playing a game of golf, or going fishing etc. You may even do something like that 3 times a week. So you’ll mainly work mornings. It’s up to you.

Just create what you think would be a good ‘typical’ week.

This is your dream working lifestyle that you’re creating.

So do that for your entire week (including the weekend).

Once you have done this I then want you to do the same type of thing for a normal holiday that you go on regularly.

2nd. Your Dream Average Holiday

You need to refresh and recharge the batteries and get away from your Internet business now and again. So I want you to outline a dream holiday that you will take regularly. Write down in detail some ideas on your dream average holiday.

  • Where will you be staying?
  • What place are you staying in….is it your own or rented or a hotel etc?
  • What will you be doing with your time?
  • Who will you be spending your holiday with?
  • How often do you go on holiday etc., etc.

I really do hope that you have followed through and completed this task up to this point. When you have here’s how you need to use it…

Your Driving Force

3rd. Your Driving Force

If you haven’t noticed yet there’s a bit of competition out there to get your attention. When people try to get your attention they generally don’t have your best interests at heart.

For example, if you have a dream of owning a successful Internet business do you think all the ads promoting things like depression tablets, sex pills, debt consolidation etc. care about your dream?

Of course they don’t!

They want to interrupt whatever you’re doing and get you to buy their product.

And in the Internet marketing niche you get bombarded with products that claim quick and easy results. It’s so easy to see someone else supposedly making a million dollars or some other large figure by doing something else. It’s so easy to get distracted by other people and most times you’re not told the full story anyway.

But when I went from working in a garage to 6 months later owning a 2 acre lifestyle property, a large part of it was because I picked a market, I had a solution, I had a website, I worked hard to get traffic to the website and I worked on trying to get more conversions and…

I shut everything else out!

I didn’t go buying stuff to learn. I was too busy earning.

There is a key distinction for you in that, if you’re one of those who tend to buy lots of courses and programs and not take much action.

To help you focus and remain focused in order to achieve your dreams, I want you to start each day by reading your dream average working day. Then I want you to shut your eyes and visualize yourself living your dream. Do this for anywhere between 1-5 minutes. Then read your dream average holiday and do the same thing afterward.

Then at the end of your day I want you to read your dream document and visualize yourself living this dream.

As you do this you’ll find things that you want to take out of your document and things you want to add. That’s fine. This dream document is a living document. It’s not set in stone. You can and should alter it to suit where you are today, because you’re always changing and so should the document.

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