Don’t Make This Website Mistake

The other day my wife was on the computer reading something and I happened to look at the screen.  Here is an example of what I saw:

I asked my wife what she was reading and she said “shhhh, I’ll lose my place”.

It’s sad that a person went to quite great lengths of writing something and then they didn’t format it for the visitor.

Do not make that mistake on your website!

When you produce any written work on the Internet it should be in chunks of about 4-5 lines.

This is for readability.

Look, reading online is harder than reading a book so we need to make it as easy as possible for people to read what we’re writing.  And you do that by having short paragraphs.  So remember, use the 4-5 line per paragraph as a general rule.  Also throw in some one liners to mix things up.

Like this! :-)

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