Do This Before Creating Any Product

Before you create any product you must have/create a profile of your ideal customer.   When you do this here is the information you need to know…

customer profileMarket:

Prospect Age Range:

Predominant Sex:

Education Level:

Income Level:

Business Type:

Residence style/size:

Marital Status:


What is your ideal prospect’s biggest desire?:

What is your ideal prospect’s biggest problem?:

What is your idea prospect’s greatest anxieties and frustrations?:

What are your ideal prospect’s greatest perceived wants and needs?:

What is your ideal prospect losing out on because of their biggest problem?:

What will happen if they don’t find the solution to their problem?:

After you have completed these questions for your market you then need to actually give your ideal prospect a personality and name.  You need to feel as though you connect with this person you are targeting.  So do that customer profile and then create a product for that person along with your marketing materials.  You will have a much higher chance of success if you do that.

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