Get A New Product Fast

Here’s one of the quickest way to a new product.  It’s simply to record yourself talking about the subject you want to talk about.  So your product will be a mp3 recording that people can play on their iPods or whatever.

If you’re good at speaking then this is a very easy way to create a product fast.  To further add value to your audio product you can get the audio’s transcribed and made into a PDF.  Not essential but it will add value to your product.

If you want an audio product but you don’t want to do the speaking then no problem…just create your script and outsource the speaking job to a professional.

You see, there really is no excuse these days when it comes to creating a product.  It’s very easy.

Here’s The Quickest Way To Create A New Product

The quickest and easiest way to create a new product is to buy private label rights to an existing product.  If you’re not aware of what private label rights is, it simply means that when you buy a PLR (short for private label rights) product you get the rights to do what you like with that product.

Private Label Right

Most PLR Is Rubbish

You can stamp your name on it, you can edit it, rebrand it etc.

But there’s a big problem with MOST private label rights products, and that is that they are rubbish.

So if you want to go this route when creating a new product then you may have to go through a bit of rubbish to get to some gold.  What you can do however is get PLR products from multiple different sources and cut and paste the good bits into one document.

After this you can edit the document to make it better and look original. If you are adverse to writing you can simply hire out the task of improving the content to an outsource worker, like on eLance or

Sometimes you can get really lucky and find great products that need very little editing.  Always keep a lookout for great private label right products and grab them if you can.  You never know when you’ll need the content.

So in summary, when starting to create a new product look to see if there is PLR to a product similar to what you want to create.  Just search PLR and then your market name.  Or put in private label rights and then your market name e.g. private label rights fishing.

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