The Best FREE Targeted Traffic To Your Website

A website is not a business until it gets traffic.  And the absolute best, most ready to buy traffic there is comes from affiliates and joint venture partners.

Website TrafficIf you set up the system right you’ll get loads of traffic to your website for free and it will be people that are pre-sold on your product or service.  You only pay a commission on the sales you make so there is no risk to you.

If you have a product and it’s not part of an affiliate program you need to get it on one ASAP.  I recommend Clickbank for this if you’re selling a digital product.

When I first started out online I setup my own affiliate program by buying an affiliate software program and getting a programmer to install it.  It worked very, very well.  But I ignored Clickbank for a long time and it was a mistake.

I should have duplicated my website and put it on Clickbank.

So again, if you don’t have your product on an affiliate network site like Clickbank (or something like Clickbank) then you need to do that.

Now you need to understand something important.  The MAIN reason someone is going to promote your affiliate product is…


So if you’ve got a lead in product that is in the $1 – $99 range, then generally an affiliate is going to promote a product that makes the most money for them.

You need yours to be that product.

A really simple way of doing that is to price your product different than your competition.   If most of your competition is selling $17 ebooks then you should consider selling an ebook for $47.

So if you’ve got a product now that is on an affiliate network consider raising the price and positioning your offer differently so it appears more attractive to big affiliates.